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Three layers of brownies filled with biscoff spread, our in house biscoff crumble and marshmallows. Decorated with biscoff biscuits, fresh fruits (may vary according to stores availability) and biscoff drip (may or may not be included if flowers are present). If you love our smores brownies and biscoff, you are in for a treat! 


Please note that designs for all cakes will not be repeated. They will be similar and will only be replicated where possible and upon request. 


> Fresh Flowers: Please notify us if you have any preferred flowers or colours when placing an order. Without these information, we will choose flowers that matches our idea/creativity. 


> PVC Box with Fresh Flowers: Typically, the flowers may flatten or bend slightly when the cover is on (please refer to image above). The flowers should go back to its original arrangement once the cover has been taken off. 

Smores Biscoff Cake

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  • Wordings & candle

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